• Krystal Launches Krystal Flavored Protein Powder Line

    Krystal, the original quick-service restaurant chain of the South, is sharing the scoop on the upcoming extension to its product line: Krystal-flavored premium whey protein powder! The new retail offering promises to blend the nostalgic flavors of Krystal with the nutritional benefits of high-quality whey protein, catering to the tastes and health needs of its fans. 

  • ChowNow Expands Its Online Ordering And Marketing Tools For Restaurants With The Acquisition Of Cuboh

    Today, ChowNow, the leading online ordering and marketing platform for independent restaurants, announced the acquisition of Cuboh, a prominent startup specializing in streamlining online orders for the restaurant industry. 

  • Restaurantware Launches New AI-Enabled Website Design

    Restaurantware, the leading manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly and innovative foodservice supplies, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website at

  • KFC Takes Finger Lickin' Good To A Whole New Level With New Saucy Nuggets In Five Dripping Flavors

    KFC is getting saucy and taking its finger lickin' good chicken nuggets to a whole new level with NEW Saucy Nuggets, with five flavors available at KFC restaurants nationwide starting April 1! The news comes one year after KFC introduced its 100% white meat, hand-breaded chicken nuggets, which quickly became a crowd-pleaser.

  • PAR Technology’s Punchh Selected As Loyalty Platform Provider For Wendy’s

    ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology leader and provider of unified commerce for enterprise restaurants, today announced that Wendy's, the iconic fast-food chain known for its fresh, never-frozen beef and signature square burgers, has selected PAR’s industry-leading loyalty and offer solution, PAR Punchh, to advance its already successful loyalty program into the next generation of customer engagement. 


  • Biolea Biolea is a superior quality certified organic extra-virgin olive oil with a rich, flavorful aroma and soft texture that can feature prominently in your cuisine.
  • Cheese Tortas These Cheese Tortas are made from farm fresh cheese blended with selected herbs, sweet cream butter and other Pacific Northwest delicacies.
  • Half-Size Oven Half-Size Oven
  • Cool Tube Evaporator The Cool Tube Evaporator provides targeted and efficient cooling, while meeting health department regulations as well as the new NSF7 temperature requirements.