News | May 17, 2022

YCS Partners With Culinary Services Group To Provide Centralized Kitchen

Ghost kitchen will provide meals to 3 New Jersey locations.

Newark, NJ (PRWEB) - Youth Consultation Service (YCS) is partnering with food service management company Culinary Services Group (CSG) to provide a quality dining experience for its residential facilities in Hackensack, Newark, and Paterson, New Jersey. The food service partnership with CSG will provide YCS with customized menus that comply with the National School Lunch Program, on-site food service management and staffing support, and cost savings on food.

“We are very grateful to ally with CSG to provide fresh, balanced meals and elevate the food choices for the children and youth in our therapeutic residential facilities. We are hopeful that integrating nutritional health into the children’s treatment plans will aid in the recovery of their emotional and mental wellbeing.” – Tara Augustine, YCS President and CEO

YCS made the decision to partner with Culinary Services Group to provide higher quality food and a better dining experience to those it serves. The company plans to produce meals in a centralized “ghost” kitchen on one campus and deliver it to the other nearby campuses where it will be served by YCS employees. Centralized food service has become a growing trend since companies can prepare a variety of food and serve multiple locations with a smaller staffing pattern. For YCS, the hope is to reduce overall operating costs and put more funding towards its programming and services.

“CSG is always pleased to partner with organizations that make the surrounding community healthier. We’re glad we can support YCS and the work they do by providing nutritious, great-tasting food to those in their care.” – Scott Alme, Regional Vice President of Business Development

Culinary Services Group is a healthcare-focused food service provider rapidly becoming a market leader in behavioral health and youth social services. They provide food services and menus that comply with National School Lunch Program guidelines to several youth social services programs throughout Maryland and Virginia. Plus, they have additional healthcare clients in New Jersey. To learn more about the kinds of food service management offered by Culinary Services Group visit their website.

Source: PRWeb

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