News | November 7, 2019

Woonamjung Introduces Korean Cuisine To The Las Vegas Area With New Menu

Las Vegas, NV /PRNewswire/ - Woonamjung restaurant is set to renovate its menu in early November and introduce a new taste to the Las Vegas region.

Woonamjang, which has established itself as the representative Korean restaurant in Korean town in Las Vegas, is announcing a new beginning by reorganizing its menu.

In particular, with the new menu you can enjoy not only the best quality meats at a reasonable price, but also the seafood stir-fry, which is a sensation in many regions of South Korea, as well as Hamjang Naeng-dong, Hamheung naegmyeon, and steamed Kodari and Agui. Now, with the new menu, these items can be enjoyed in one place.

This menu was crafted by Mr. Hong who achieved success with the seafood menu in Nonhyeon-dong, a successful restaurant in the center of Korea, which was also able to show at top-end menus. Mr. Hong visited Korea's best restaurants to study recipes, research their secrets, and find the best taste by securing fresh ingredients.

Not only will Woonamjung offer a new menu, it is also offering its customers a special discount for events, such as birthdays. It's a great way to delight the hearts of those you love with delicious food.

"Like the KPOP-band BTS shares the beauty of KPOP to the world, I will work hard to make Woonamjung a restaurant that shares the best Korean cuisine," said Mr. Hong.

Woonamjung Korean Restaurant is located at 6820 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas NV 89146.

Source: Woonamjung Korean Restaurant

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