US Meat Industry Benefits From Systemate Numafa's Extensive Experience

US Meat Industry Benefits From Systemate Numafa's Extensive Experience Canton, Ga. - SYSTEMATE NUMAFA Group has supplied the first completely automated cleaning system for the North American box pool and grocery industries to Tosca Limited, a container pooling services provider.

Capable of cleaning 2000 meat crates with metal bail arms per hour, the fully automated washing system is located at the Tosca case-ready meat container washing division in Hamilton, Ohio.

The state-of-the-art system includes features such as destacking, high-pressure label removal, air-blow drying, a misting-sanitizing section, bail-arm positioning, vision quality control and stacking. This fully automated system requires only two to three people for operation.

"As the first supplier of completely automated crate cleaning systems to Tosca and the growing re-useable packaging segment of the North American meat industry as well, we are proud to make a significant impact on this industry," said Scott Hazenbroek of Systemate Numafa.

Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Tosca Limited is a provider of container management services for the meat industry as well as for other industries.

Through its Hamilton, Ohio, division, Tosca supplies cleaned meat crates to Kroger, America's largest grocery chain. The grocery giant is known as a pioneer in using reusable packaging in its stores throughout North America.

Systemate Numafa has manufactured and developed cleaning systems since 1977. The company provides high-capacity, fully automated cleaning systems as well as stand-alone systems. Systemate Numafa's product line also includes cleaning vats, containers, racks, smoke trees, smoke sticks, smoke screens, wooden and plastic pallets, totes, lugs and baskets.

Systemate Numafa NA, a division of Dapec, Inc., is the U.S. sales and service operation for Systemate Numafa B.V. of Holland. For further information, call (800) 240-3770 or e-mail Visit Systemate Numafa on the Internet at