News | October 9, 2023

UNLIMEAT Introduces Brand Collaboration Kimbap Menu In Korea Featuring JUST Egg

  • UNLIMEAT starts a plant-based protein Kimbap delivery business focusing on the Gangnam and Seocho districts in Korea.
  • Accompanied by various marketing events, such as Itaewon restaurant pop-ups and a Wholey Market event featuring UNLIMEAT products and JUST Egg Folded product.

Los Angeles, CA /PRNewswire/ - UNLIMEAT, a prominent player in the alternative meat industry in Asia, has announced the October launch of a 'protein bomb Kimbap' delivery service called 'Rollicious'. This official launch follows a successful beta test in September, and deliveries to Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu district will commence with the official launch in early October.

Rollicious's 'Protein Bomb Kimbap' has been introduced with a total of seven menu items. The delivery menu's 'Protein Bomb Kimbap,' is made with UNLIMEAT products, such as char-grilled galbi, tuna, pulled pork, and JUST Egg, the U.S.-based market leader in the plant-based egg category. The UNLIMEAT and JUST Egg collaboration, which features JUST Egg's beloved folded format, is rich in protein, with more than 20g of protein per serving, and contains zero cholesterol. Gochujang, wasabi, and Cheongyang peppers add a spicy kick, while UNLIMEAT char-grilled galbi and tuna contribute to its nutritional value.

Ahead of the Kimbap's official launch, UNLIMEAT introduced these new items at a pop-up event at Wholey Market in September. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with delighted customers sharing reviews such as, "It is so delightful, featuring a diverse range of ingredients rarely found in other vegan Kimbap," and "Compared to regular Kimbap, it matches up in both nutritional value and taste."

UNLIMEAT has recently embarked on a series of brand collaborations with JUST Egg. This dynamic collaboration has recently come to life through a set of curated pop-up menu items featured at restaurants in Seoul's iconic Itaewon commercial district during the entire month of September as part of the 'Itaewon Heritage' project, which highlights the diverse culture of Itaewon to help revive Itaewon's commercial district. The company showcased various plant-based items using UNLIMEAT products and JUST Egg Folded in 9 Itaewon restaurants. UNLIMEAT also has plans to crowdfund the launch an English muffin sandwich using the UNLIMEAT sausage patty and Just Egg Folded next month.

UNLIMEAT creates nutritious plant-based products, utilizing various by-products that are typically discarded in the food production process. These include rice bran, a by-product of the brown rice polishing process, and defatted soybean powder, which results from soybean oil extraction. The company originated from the idea of reducing waste by repurposing 'ugly agricultural products' that are often discarded due to factors such as small size, scratches, or uneven color. They operate the largest plant-based meat exclusive factory in Asia and are currently launching a variety of vegan products with a Korean twist.


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