White Paper

White Paper: Understanding Mobile Printing Technology and Capabilities

Mobile printing systems offer the quality and convenience necessary to provide documentation for internal operations and customer service. Modern mobile printers can create compliance shipping labels, print receipts, invoices and tickets, conduct price audits, process credit card payments, encode magnetic-striped cards, connect to wireless networks and even receive print jobs by e-mail-a dramatic evolution from receipt printers whose output quickly faded and curled at the edges. By handling select print jobs with small, mobile printers instead of centrally located stationary units, businesses are improving staff productivity, lowering overall printing expenses and efficiently satisfying their customers at the point of service.

Industrial companies can use mobile printers for receiving, cross docking, production test and sample tracking, pick tickets and shipment labeling. In service industries, mobile printers can be used for ticketing, transaction processing, guest and passenger check in, tableside service and more. Retailers now do shelf price auditing, returns labeling, DSD vendor management, mobile point-of-sale and line-busting with mobile printers. The mobile workforce carries printers wherever they go to issue invoices, label samples and evidence, provide delivery confirmation and other documentation. The Applications section will discuss additional uses in specific industries and business operations.

Mobile printers have many different forms and features to perform in the diverse range of environments where they are used. The following section explains the design features and performance characteristics that will determine the success of your mobile printing application.

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