SYSPRO Advanced Planning & Scheduling

For years manufacturers have been trying to tame the shop floor. The biggest hurdle is the state of flux and unpredictability in a real-time manufacturing environment.

For years manufacturers have been trying to tame the shop floor. The biggest hurdle is the state of flux and unpredictability in a real-time manufacturing environment. Scheduling, data capture, monitoring and quality tools are widely available, yet the factory manager can never be certain of exerting total control over the process without having a complete, real-time picture of what's happening on the floor.

SYSPRO APS is a software solution dedicated to the factory floor. It provides management with a comprehensive, real-time view of the shop floor in any dynamic manufacturing environment. SYSPRO APS provides a graphical image of the shop floor in real-time and measures productivity at the closest point to manufacture, as it happens - not after the event.

SYSPRO APS has been created as a set of integrated modules that may be tailored to a factory's individual requirements.

Factory Planning
Factory Planner assists users in planning workload against available capacity. Capacity is derived from the number of available machines and its working hours. Load is calculated using the standard structures and routes provided by our ERP system.

Cell Scheduling
Cell Scheduler allows each manufacturing cell to be scheduled independently with user-defined rules for optimizing and viewing work in the cell. Gantt charts show a time-based view of scheduled operations for the machines in each particular cell. Additional requirements for resources such as operators, setters and tools are shown in parallel with the Gantt chart when calculating the schedule. The Gantt chart is "live" and available for the "drag-and-drop" of jobs in time and between compatible machines. Should changes in demand or resources occur, they can be immediately reflected in the schedule. The schedules are in real-time with progress constantly reported from the shop floor so issues can be resolved immediately.

Progress Tracking
Progress Tracker is a touch-screen compatible, graphical shop floor application that supplies operators with current work-to list. It also supplies a list of required materials and any text or diagrams associated with each job. The simple button-driven interface is simple to use. Jobs may be started, stopped, completed (wholly or in part), have scrap recorded and additional operators booked to them as necessary. The work-to list refreshes every few seconds to include new jobs or ones that have become available from upstream processes.

Quality Monitoring
SYSPRO APS integrates the recording of quality parameters with the recording of progress data. Quality data items to be recorded are user-defined and may be related to a machine, product, customer, or collected upon manual selection. The collected data is stored in a database that can be queried directly or via an analysis tool.

SYSPRO APS provides instant checks for trends and "blips" in the collected data and can be configured to send warnings to other users when processes are getting out of the tolerance range.

SYSPRO offers a variety of Advanced Planning & Scheduling modules. To find out information about a particular component, click on the links below.

Advanced Planning And Scheduling (APS)
APS provides advanced planning, scheduling, and execution to enhance existing manufacturing.
Download the complete product sheet here.

Advanced Planning And Scheduling - Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring will enhance quality control by analyzing data.
Download the complete product sheet here.

Document Flow Manager
Document Flow Manager facilitates collaborative commerce by automating document flow between trading partners.
Download the complete product sheet here.

Inventory Control
SYSPRO Inventory Control analyzes inventory levels, allocates stock plan purchases, and allocates deliveries accordingly.
Download the complete product sheet here.

Requirements Planning
Requirements Planning creates realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimizes stock holdings, and identifies capacity constraints in a multi-site, multi-warehouse environment.
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SYSPRO Analytics
SYSPRO Analytics enables you to gain multidimensional insight into your organization enabling you to make accurate strategic management decisions.
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SYSPRO e.NET Solutions
SYSPRO e.NET Solutions facilitates integration development and mobile access to SYSPRO and provide the framework for Web-based applications.
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Work In Progress
Work In Progress tracks the activity of the manufacturing process and manages the performance of the shop floor in order to minimize job costs, efficiently utilize production resources, and provide comparative reporting.
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