News | October 18, 2023

Sonny's BBQ Launches Flybuy Brand-Wide For Fast Takeout And Delivery

Sonny's BBQ is leveraging advanced location intelligence to predict the arrival of incoming customers and delivery drivers, providing a seamless handoff

Washington, DC /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Sonny's BBQ, a renowned barbecue restaurant chain, announces the brand-wide rollout of Flybuy, the leading location intelligence platform, to enhance the pickup and delivery experience in their 90+ locations nationwide. This strategic partnership will supercharge Sonny's off-premise program, resulting in faster and more efficient takeout, curbside pickup, and delivery driver pickup.

With Flybuy, Sonny's BBQ can now optimize its pickup experience by providing real-time alerts to staff when order-ahead customers and delivery drivers are en route, nearby, and have arrived to pick up their orders. This seamless communication allows the staff to have orders ready and complete, minimizing wait times for customers. Now customers can enjoy their flavorful meals-to-go, with the same food freshness that they would enjoy when dining in.

Since launching with Flybuy in May, Sonny's BBQ has observed a phenomenal 92% decrease in wait times, with an average pickup time of just 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This significant improvement ensures that customers can enjoy their freshly prepared meals without any unnecessary delays, creating a delightful and efficient experience. 90% of customers are rating the Flybuy Pickup experience a 5/5!

Sonny's BBQ restaurants are leveraging the Flybuy LED Tablet, which provides staff with audio and visual cues when the customer is nearby, has arrived, and is waiting. With the LED Tablet, staff can effortlessly multitask, maximizing operational efficiency.

"The Flybuy platform is designed to cater to the specific needs of restaurants, optimizing workflows, and improving operational efficiency," says Marc Wallace, CEO of Flybuy. "We will continue to innovate and work closely with the Sonny's team to boost productivity and provide a best-in-class customer experience."

"Integrating Flybuy into our tech stack has been instrumental to our ongoing success and resulted in high customer satisfaction and repeat business," says Billy Brewer, Chief Operating Officer at Sonny's BBQ. "We are confident that this partnership will further solidify our position as a leading restaurant, known for our excellent food and exceptional service."

About Flybuy:
Flybuy is a turn-key productivity platform that optimizes pickup, delivery, dine in, and loyalty for brands worldwide. Flybuy uses AI and location intelligence to reshape the way businesses engage with their customers and empowering them to achieve operational excellence and drive repeat business, Brands are leveraging Flybuy to drive sales, save money, and reduce waste by providing actionable data and insight to streamline their operations and create a seamless customer experience.

About Sonny's BBQ:
Sonny's BBQ is a renowned barbecue restaurant chain that has been serving delicious, authentic BBQ since 1968. With a commitment to quality food and exceptional service, Sonny's BBQ is a favorite destination for barbecue lovers across the country.

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