Company Profile | January 1, 1996

Rich Products

Source: Rich Products Corp.
Rich Products
For more than 50 years, Rich Products Corporation has distinguished itself as one of the world's largest family-owned manufacturers of toppings, icings, specialty desserts and frozen dough products.

Rich's began in 1945 with a startling development by Robert E. Rich, Sr., Founder and Chairman, who developed a whip topping product derived from the soya bean that could be frozen, thawed and whipped. The result was Rich's ® Whip Topping®, the world's first non-dairy frozen topping.

Today, Rich's is a global company, manufacturing and distributing more than 2,000 great-tasting products in the foodservice and in-store bakery markets. We conduct business in more than 50 countries and have sales offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide.