News | November 9, 2023

Revolutionizing Restaurant Efficiency: MarketMan And DYNE Partner For Waste Reduction

This restaurant tech partnership has yielded an integrated offering that empowers F&B operators with enhanced forecasting capabilities, impactful recommendations, and a significant reduction in unnecessary food waste. With integrations into existing POS systems & innovative AI-powered solutions, these critical applications enable operators to easily expand their current hardware, reduce waste, costs, and boost profits.

Boise, ID /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - In a remarkable stride towards increased restaurant efficiency and sustainability, MarketMan, a leader in inventory and purchasing management solutions for operators, and DYNE, an F&B SaaS platform specializing in Generative AI Marketing and Supply Chain Optimization, have proudly announced their strategic collaboration.

This pivotal partnership has yielded an integrated offering that empowers F&B operators with enhanced forecasting capabilities, impactful recommendations, and a significant reduction in unnecessary food waste. The alignment of these two industry leaders is a natural fit, as both are dedicated to crafting innovative solutions that drive operational efficiency and sustainability within the restaurant landscape.

About MarketMan
MarketMan is part of the Meal Ticket portfolio of food service and restaurant industry software solutions. In the dynamic restaurant industry, effective inventory management, and intelligent ordering practices are pivotal to maximizing profitability. MarketMan responds to this challenge with its cutting-edge software application, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with manual ordering and substantially reducing food waste, all while bolstering profits.

Streamlining Operations through Automation
The elimination of manual inventory and ordering processes addresses the perennial issue of over-ordering, curbing significant food waste and revenue losses. MarketMan's automation capabilities empower restaurants to calculate food cost percentages, identify high-profit items, and receive comprehensive and efficient reporting.

Digital Supply Chain Transformation
MarketMan revolutionizes the restaurant supply chain through seamless digital connections with vendors, resulting in precise and timely deliveries. This digital transformation minimizes errors and food wastage, translating into substantial reductions in food costs and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Cloud-Based Efficiency and Predictive Insights
MarketMan's cloud-based platform is the keystone of efficient inventory management, delivering impressive food cost reductions of 2-5% within the first year of implementation. With its predictive analytics, MarketMan ensures restaurants maintain optimal inventory levels through dynamic PAR ordering. This data-driven approach involves systematic data collection, intelligent demand forecasting, and automatic PAR level updates, all contributing to proactive and efficient inventory management.

In summary, MarketMan is reshaping the restaurant industry's waste management paradigm through the eradication of manual ordering complexities, digital supply chain enhancement, and the provision of an efficient cloud-based platform. This multifaceted approach not only slashes food costs but also paves the way for a more sustainable and profitable future for restaurants.

About DYNE
DYNE is dedicated to driving sustainability in the restaurant industry by providing innovative AI-powered solutions that focus on waste reduction, carbon footprint reduction, water conservation, and sustainable sourcing, through optimizing restaurants' supply chain management and inventory management. Here are some key sustainability facts about DYNE that demonstrate our commitment to creating a greener future:

Waste Reduction
Through DYNE's AI-driven inventory management system, DYNE has helped clients reduce food waste by 15-25%. By accurately forecasting demand and optimizing supply chain processes, DYNE enables restaurants to utilize perishable items more efficiently, resulting in significant waste reduction and increased profitability. With DYNE, restaurants find a partner that's dedicated to crafting solutions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring a future where both the environment and the restaurant industry benefits.

Carbon Footprint Reduction:
As a direct result of waste reduction, our clients experience a secondary benefit in the form of reduced carbon footprint. By optimizing supply chain processes and minimizing food waste, DYNE's solutions have helped restaurants decrease their greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 20%, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Sourcing:
Alongside specialized tools for restaurants to streamline and refine their supply chain processes, Our AI-powered supply chain optimization provides valuable insights into the sustainability practices of various suppliers. This enables restaurants to make informed decisions and choose to work with partners that share their core values and commitment to environmental responsibility, further promoting sustainability and responsible sourcing within the industry.

By focusing on these critical sustainability aspects, DYNE continues to innovate and expand its AI-driven solutions, helping the restaurant industry become more environmentally responsible and contributing to a greener future for all.

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