Remote Schedule Retrieval Software- TalkTime

Source: PixelPoint Technologies, Inc.
Remote Schedule Retrieval via touch-tone telephone or the Internet/World Wide Web
Remote Schedule Retrieval via touch-tone telephone or the Internet/World Wide Web

PixelPoint system agents which, in conjunction with StaffTimetm, can fully automate the scheduling process by allowing employees of a restaurant to remotely retrieve their scheduled shifts via touch-tone telephone or the Internet/World Wide Web


Unique telephone I.D. employee

Each employee receives a unique employee I.D. which allows them to access their own work schedules anytime, via a touch-tone telephone

Real-Time Functionality

PixelPoint's real-time integration allows employee's instant access to their schedules, upon posting.

VoiceMail Integration

TalkTime can be fully integrated into an establishment's voice mail system. This allows employees to leave messages for management regarding schedule concerns such as conflicts, requests, etc.

Broadcast Bulletin

Post news and events quickly, and keep all staff updated with TalkTime's helpful Bulletin Board feature. This feature is especially helpful in informing staff of any schedule changes, events, meetings, and general news information.

Multi-User Capabilities

TalkTime can be configured to handle a variety of different categories for scheduling purposes. The menu-driven format allows users to select specific groups or job positions, for their current schedules.


Easy to Use Interface

Shows all employee shifts for the following week, including listings for job positions. With WebTime, each employee can clearly view:

  • Dates Scheduled

  • Job Position per day

  • Shift Hours

Integrated unique Employee I.D.

Each employee uses the same unique I.D. from their TalkTime account which allows them to access their personal schedule via World Wide Web

Printable Schedule from Web Browser

Employees can make a backup printed copy of their schedule direct from any browser. This eliminates one of the most common problems, with manually written schedules.

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