PVC Strip Doors

Source: Custom Quality Products Inc.
Custom Quality Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of an extensive line of strip
Custom Quality Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of an extensive line of strip doors and barriers and a full line of hanging hardware. our sales engineers are knowledgeable and are ready to assist you in making the right choice for your applications.

CQP offers a wide range of products from full strip doors to bulk rolls of material. We have one of the largest inventories of flexible PVC ranging from 14mil to 1/2" in thickness and 4" to 60" in width (Click here for size and specifications chart).

CQP's clear vinyl strip material is available in three grades: standard, low temperature and extra low temperature. All are formulated with ingredients that meet USDA requirements for incidental contact with food products.

CQP strip material is manufactured with a curved profile. When installed with the concave sides interlocking, the strips will have a built in sealing ability.

Flame Resistant
CQP PVC products are registered as Flame Resistant by the California State Fire Marshall's Department and have passed the UL94V-0 flame rating test.

Noise Abatement
CQP PVC vinyl strip material can be used to isolate noisy equipment or work areas.

CQP PVC strip material is available with reinforcement for extra strength and stability in certain applications.

Round Edges
The round edge in CQP PVC products prevents snagging clothes or products and eliminates sharp edges that might harm personnel who pass through a door.

CQP strip doors have outstanding clarity additives which help to reduce fading and yellowing due to UV light.

Thermal Conductivity and Resistance
CQP vinyl strips will resist the passage of heat and cold. When compared to other materials, the temperature resistance is in the middle range. The R value is approximately 1.4 for medium thickness.

CQP PVC products are easily cleaned with a mild detergent and water. For deep cleaning, use a mixture of 95% water and 5% ethanol with a soft cloth or sponge.

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