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White Paper: Printing Technology for Hospitality Venues

Bed-and-breakfast operators and small-restaurant owners may long for the cash flow of large hotel and restaurant chains, but their counterparts in these corporations envy the close relationships small proprietors have with their customers. Hotels, airlines, restaurants, and entertainment promoters continually show their willingness to invest heavily in initiatives that bring them closer to their customers. That is why our wallets are filled with customer cards from retailers, airlines, and hotels, and our mailboxes are filled with catalogs, coupons, and other "special offers for valued customers." Data mining and other information systems have helped make marketers very effective at targeting and reaching their customers. Too often, however, the wealth of information about customers is not available at the point of service, causing businesses to miss incremental revenue opportunities and leaving the potential of customer management systems unfulfilled.

Cards and mobile computers give operators a means of collecting and processing information in an exciting range of new environments. Mobile printing technology enables users to convert the information into new product and service offerings. Mobile printing systems close the loop by providing a method to output information that is gathered and processed, maximizing the benefits and flexibility of new customer service applications. In many such applications, the output is the compelling part of the solution as it acts as necessary user documentation for the transaction.

Innovative companies are connecting information to opportunity by extending their information systems to the point of service with customer ID cards, portable computers, print systems, and wireless communication. By providing these information tools to service staff, companies are enjoying improved labor efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, and increased revenues. Automation at the point of service also helps companies capture valuable real-time information that makes customer relationship management (CRM), service management, and database applications more effective.

New applications include remote check-in and other line-busting services; payment processing at tableside, pool, lounge, or lobby areas; instant issuance of coupons, tickets, and gift certificates; mobile gaming; and portable and temporary retailing.

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