POS Systems Embed Windows NT

Irvine, CA-based point-of-sale (POS) technology vendor Javelin Systems Inc. has announced that it is developing two new products to its line that mark the shift to embedded Microsoft Windows NT software in foodservice touch screen and user interface products.

Two new 300 MHz Pentium processor-based systems, named "VPm" and "Simple Store Server" are scheduled to be available in the fourth quarter of 1999.According to the company, the new products will incorporate flash memory on the system board, allowing for "instant on" boot up and protection of the operating system from external data corruption, which is associated with power fluctuations and hard drive failures. The products will also support remote management utilities that enable the network administrator to monitor thousands of remote terminals from a central console.

"Windows NT is replacing Windows 95 and Windows 98 as the preferred operating platform for our mission critical systems," said Richard Stack, president and CEO. "The embedded version allows us to specify required operating functions, which, in turn, creates an operating system that is finely tuned for special purpose duties, such as point of sale.

Vince Mendillo, lead product manager at Microsoft Corp., said he was "very excited about this collaboration ...particularly to be part of a truly innovative project. We believe these products directly address a need that, until now, has gone unanswered and are looking forward to ongoing success with Javelin."

Windows NT Embedded builds on the Windows NT Server 4.0 platform by delivering new embedded features and target design tools that will help vendors reduce time to market for new devices, lower development costs and improve the functionality of solutions.

The Javelin VPm and Simple Store Server will be on display in the company's booth No. 5666 at the NRA show in Chicago, May 22-25.