News | July 13, 2009

Partner Tech Corporation Announces The Release Of An All New Kitchen Video Solution Called "Harmony"

Partner Tech is pleased to announce the release of a cutting-edge Kitchen Video Solution (KVS)... Harmony.

After performing an in-depth review of the available offerings for Kitchen Video Solutions, Partner Tech quickly recognized the need to create a full featured graphical solution that easily integrates into any POS system, is a snap to program and maintain, and all without sacrificing functionality.

Harmony is truly a feature packed, robust graphical Kitchen Video Solution utilizing the latest technologies in hardware and software, providing a cost effective yet, highly reliable solution.

"Harmony bridges the gap between simplistic text based solutions and overly complex solutions which require a separate server and/or data base"; as quoted by Keith Schroer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Partner Tech North America.

Harmony allows for items to be routed independently to definable-multiple displays in the kitchen with an expo display for the entire job, and automatic printing when the order is ready to leave the kitchen. Automatic Coursing allows appetizers, salads, and entrees to be entered simultaneously; at the same time, Harmony is intelligent enough to figure out the ideal release times for each course. For example; cook times for each item allow steaks to fire long before a salad on the same order so all of the items end up in the expo window at the same time. The screen layouts are purposely designed to mimic paper tickets as our studies indicated a much higher acceptance rate from the kitchen staff when transitioning new technology such as Harmony.

Major Specifications:

  • Fast setups minimizing upfront labor costs and installation frustrations.
  • Easily configure item routing and cook times just like remote printing.
  • Item cook times can dynamically change depending on modifications; such as Well Done or Rare.
  • Automatic failover to printing if Kitchen Video fails.

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SOURCE: Partner Tech Corp.