MondoVap 2400 Institutional/Professional Steam Vapor System

Source: Advanced Vapor Technologies
MondoVap 2400 Institutional/Professional Steam Vapor System
Continuous steam: easier, more convenient
The complete MondoVap 2400 Professional System includes:

  • MondoVap 2400 'Continuous' Steam Vapor Generator
  • Extended length flexible hose assembly
  • 3 extension handles
  • 3 steam nozzles
  • Large rectangular brush
  • Window cleaning tool with 2 blades
  • Articulated triangular brush
  • 5 small nylon nozzle brushes
  • 1 medium round nylon nozzle brush
  • 5 small brass nozzle brushes
  • 1 medium brass nozzle brush
  • 5 small stainless steel nozzle brushes
  • 1 medium stainless steel nozzle brush
  • Large round nozzle brush
  • 6 stainless steel pads
  • Owners manual
  • 3 shelf non-rust utility service cart
  • Portable tool tote
  • Supply bag (attaches to cart)
  • 25 foot heavy duty extension cord
  • Cotten towels

Fast, Effective Clean-Up
Sanitize, deodorize, clean and polish in one simple operation with high temperature "dry" steam vapor. Portable, quiet, safe, and easy to use in kitchens, foodservice, dining areas, restrooms and entry areas. Removes grease, oils, and carbon deposits without chemicals or messy residue. Kills germs, destroys bacteria, mold and mildew on contact. A proven process for the most effective sanitation available, yet 100% environmentally safe.

Utilizing a non-pressurized, non-heated water reservoir, allowing water to be added at any time. No pressure caps to worry about - no concern for adding water to a hot tank, no potential for overfilling. Water is injected to the boiler automatically as it is consumed. The independent boiler maintains steam even as water is added to the reservoir. Therefore, this unique system has steam availble for use at all times.

Low voltage switching in the hose handle adds additional safety for the user. Vaporjet steam volumes are infinitely variable. A color coded pressure gague also provides user maximization of heat and vapor.

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