News | April 17, 2023

LOLA™ Pioneers Consumer Adoption Of Robots With New Robot Server, LOLA™ Matradee L, Aimed To Revolutionize The Restaurant, Hospitality And Retail Industries

A National Merchants Association product line, LOLA™ Matradee L is paving the way for fully autonomous restaurants in the midst of staffing shortages, increased labor costs and inflation

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) - Today, LOLA™, a National Merchants Association (NMA) revolutionary fintech product line for the modern merchant, reveals one of their most coveted and advanced products, LOLA™ Matradee L, a robot server and food runner that’s paving the way for fully autonomous restaurants. LOLA™ Matradee L, aims to support organizations through an ever-changing business climate that includes labor shortages, evolving consumer demands, technology adoption, inflation and more.

Specifically designed for the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries, LOLA™ Matradee L, offers the following features:

  • Advanced Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with LIDAR and AI camera technology, allowing the Matradee L to avoid obstacles and move around in-the-way objects.
  • Multi-Robot Functioning: The LOLA™ Matradee L can work seamlessly with other LOLA™ Matradee L’s.
  • Smart Advertising: LOLA™ Matradee L’s main screen can be used to display custom videos, pictures and audio to advertise promotions or specials.
  • Three to Four Adjustable Trays: The LOLA™ Matradee L has three to four adjustable trays that can hold a total of 22 pounds. On average, the Matradee L makes about 50-150 trips per day, which with the three trays, is equivalent to 150-450 human trips.

“As more businesses struggle with labor shortages, inflation and a rising consumer demand for modernization, robots and automation technology continue to be the way of the future,” said Heather Altepeter, CEO of National Merchants Association. “We’re proud to be at the forefront of this pioneering technology, moving the needle in widespread human adoption of robot servers like LOLA™ Matradee L.”

Also included in the LOLA™ product line, LOLA™ Kiosk 210, LOLA™ Station 500 and LOLA™ Point, are available at no upfront cost to merchants, each catering to organizations’ unique business needs. LOLA™ Matradee L is no different, pioneering the market and adoption of kiosks and robots in the restaurant, hospitality and retail industries. As NMA’s fintech strategies continue to evolve, LOLA™ will expand services for future technology needs. NMA aims to deploy LOLA™ solutions throughout Q3, targeting movie chains, restaurants and retail stores.

To get an exclusive look at the LOLA™ products, including LOLA™ Matradee L, visit booth #1423 at ETA Transact in Atlanta from April 24-26. For more information on National Merchants Association, visit

About National Merchants Association (NMA)
National Merchants Association (NMA) is an innovative FinTech company, pro-business advocate and payments acquirer transforming the financial services industry. Through both advocacy efforts and its own innovative product and service offerings, NMA ensures that merchants of all risk levels receive fair and affordable electronic payment options for businesses of all sizes. NMA has revolutionized the payment processing space by creating a trusted and easy-to-use payment experience, for merchants, agents, referral partners and consumers, through its premier card-not-present service offerings, electronic payment options for brick-and-mortar businesses and complimentary payment kiosks. Since its inception in 2004, NMA has achieved remarkable success – securing four recognitions from Inc. Magazine’s award programs, including the U.S. Fastest-Growing Companies and the Rocky Mountain Fastest-Growing Companies. For more information about NMA, visit

About LOLA™
LOLA™ is a revolutionary fintech product line developed for the modern merchant and features state of the art POS systems and self-service kiosks. As a National Merchants Association (NMA) brand, LOLA™ was created to strengthen advocacy for merchants and to make technological advancements and modernization attainable for all businesses no matter their size. Current flagship products, LOLA™ Kiosk 210, LOLA™ Station 500 and LOLA™ Point, and now, LOLA™ Matradee L, support organizations through an ever-changing business climate by addressing labor shortages, evolving consumer demands, technology adoption, inflation and more.

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