News | October 9, 2023

Introducing Slake: A Revolutionary Food Delivery App That Accepts Crypto Payments And Expands Delivery Options

San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Slake, a cutting-edge U.S. food delivery app, has just launched, offering a unique combination of convenience, value, and innovation in the food service tech industry. What sets Slake apart is its acceptance of cryptocurrency as a form of payment, in addition to credit cards, and its commitment to providing multiple delivery options. The app aims to revolutionize the way people order food, while still being able to offer competitive pricing and value—all on an easy-to-use platform.

"From the convenience of your own couch, you can order food from almost any nearby restaurant within three miles. Because we have partnered with the drivers of multiple food delivery companies, such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub, Slake offers more food choices, delivery options, and competitive pricing," explained Nelson Cruz, CEO of Slake. The app, available on iOS and Android, offers up to three delivery options customers can choose from, so they can see the ETA, service fee, and minimum order amount before placing the order. Through key partnerships with drivers from other food delivery companies, Slake will be able to massively scale using existing distribution channels.

The global food delivery industry is projected to reach a staggering $223.7 billion by 2027, according to Statista. Slake aims to tap into this growing market by addressing the needs and preferences of busy individuals and families who value convenience. With the future Slake ecosystem of apps, users will have access to a comprehensive range of services, including food delivery, loyalty rewards, reservations, and more. Currently running on the Ethereum blockchain, Slake plans to implement its own blockchain technology in the future to further streamline transactions, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency—and push the overall adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrency, the future of finance.

The app is available now for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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About Slake
Slake is a revolutionary U.S. food delivery app. The first of its kind, the Slake app aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and food service tech, accepting cryptocurrency (in addition to credit cards) as a form of payment, as well as offering it as part of rewards in the future. Through key partnerships, the app will also have competitively priced items, offer multiple delivery options, and utilize existing distribution channels to massively scale. The $SLAKE token is the native cryptocurrency of Slake. For more information, visit

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