Geac Launches New POS System, Burger King Successfully Pilots

Geac Restaurant Systems of Markham, Canada, today launched the new Fusion Mark 8 Point of Sale (POS) system for the Quick Service industry. The system uses current and standard Microsoft Windows technology.

Larry Bruder, Geac's quick service product manager claims that "total cost of ownership will be thousands of dollars less than our competitors' products over the life span of the system." The POS terminals, which are designated as clients within the system, have no moving parts, and are "hot connectable," which means they can be easily swapped, and are automatically configured by the server while the system is operating.

Burger King announced it will use the system for its 'New Image Restaurant' project showcased at its April National Franchise Association Convention in Reno, NV, last month. The system was successfully beta tested in half a dozen Burger King restaurants and was proven to be a fast and fully reliable system, according to John Reckert, VP World Wide Strategic Operations, Research & Development of Burger King Corp.

According to Reckert, Burger King's research and revelopment department is "very impressed" with the vendor's performance. "The ability and dedication of the Geac team that did the development work and support of the system after the opening, exceeded our expectations. Not only did they provide the POS structure we asked for to support the new kitchen, they contributed many new ideas and improvements over our previous testing efforts. The support of the new system and assistance in employee training after the restaurant opening has been tremendous."