News | October 10, 2023

Flybuy Partners With QSR Automations To Streamline Operations For Restaurants

Technology leaders team up to provide restaurants with a complete solution to improve their order fulfillment and delivery process.

Washington, DC /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ - Flybuy and QSR Automations, the leading providers of restaurant automation technology, today announced a new partnership to streamline order fulfillment for restaurants worldwide.

The partnership will integrate the innovative machine learning technology by Flybuy with QSR Automations' acclaimed ConnectSmart® Kitchen (CSK) platform. Through this integration, restaurants will gain the ability to automatically receive real-time updates regarding customer arrivals. This enables them to orchestrate the preparation of orders with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring they are ready just in time for customer pickup. Furthermore, this integration facilitates a seamless handoff between restaurant staff and customers, dramatically curtailing wait times and elevating the overall customer experience.

"We are thrilled to partner with Flybuy to provide our customers with a more efficient and frictionless order fulfillment process," said Jennifer Karpinsky, Vice President of Business Development at QSR Automations. "The integration of this cutting-edge technology into our ConnectSmart Kitchen platform empowers restaurants to provide a swifter, more precise service to their customers."

The partnership between QSR Automations and Flybuy is already making a substantial impact for restaurants, equipping establishments with the indispensable tools needed to enhance the customer experience significantly.

"Partnering with QSR Automations is a natural fit for Flybuy," said Dan Estrada, Chief Strategy Officer for Flybuy. "Flybuy is designed to optimize restaurant staff operations and streamline the handoff of orders to customers upon their arrival. Our direct integration with QSR Automations' ConnectSmart Kitchen platform provides our shared brands with a seamless, unified solution for order prioritization, prep and just-in-time-of-arrival handoff to customers, creating frictionless guest experiences, streamlined staff operations and increased throughput for pickup orders."

When used together Flybuy and ConnectSmart Kitchen pair as assets to POS systems by infusing these vital restaurant technologies with a wealth of actionable intelligence. This integration serves as the bridge that connects the dots with location data, by easily integrating real-time customer arrivals into the dashboards of ConnectSmart Kitchen and POS systems. This technology pairing not only enhances the efficiency of these systems but also empowers restaurants to harness the power of location-based insights, ensuring orders are not only prepared with precision but also delivered to customers at just the right moment, creating a truly flawless and gratifying dining experience. Flybuy serves as a catalyst for these technologies, driving the future of restaurant automation towards unprecedented levels of precision and customer satisfaction.

About Flybuy | Radius Networks
Flybuy, by Radius Networks, is a turn-key productivity platform that optimizes pickup, delivery, dine in, and loyalty for brands worldwide. Flybuy uses AI and location intelligence to reshape the way businesses engage with their customers and empower them to achieve operational excellence and drive repeat business. Brands are leveraging Flybuy to drive sales, save money, and reduce waste by providing actionable data and insight to streamline their operations and create a seamless customer experience.

About QSR Automations
QSR Automations headquartered in Louisville, KY with offices in the United Kingdom, is a global industry leader in kitchen automation and guest management services. Since 1996, restaurant operators have turned to the brand's signature platform, ConnectSmart, for customized solutions to improve the guest experience and drive operational excellence. Used in 21 of the nation's top 25 casual dining chains, ConnectSmart leverages data to create customized solutions that make calmer kitchens, simpler workflows, and happier guests. We didn't just pioneer restaurant technology. We perfected it.

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