ComSwitch 3500 Telephone Line Management System

Source: Command Communications
ComSwitch 3500 Telephone Line Management System
Why Pay for Another
Phone Line
ComSwitch 3500 Telephone Line Management System

Why Pay for Another
Phone Line?

Eliminate the need for extra dedicated telephone lines with the ComSwitch 3500.

1 Telephone Line, 3 Device Ports (2 Ports Are Linked)
Use the ComSwitch 3500 to route calls to your phone, answering machine, fax OR modem - all on a single line!
* Two 8K In-Line Microfilter phone filters are required - available from most consumer electronics stores.

Semi-Automatic line sharing - Lets up to 3 devices - usually a telephone, answering machine, fax OR modem - share a single phone line.
Works whether you're home or away - As soon as you or your answering machine picks up an inbound call, the CS 3500 starts listening for a fax calling tone. If you answer the call and hear a fax calling tone, all you have to do is hang up and the CS 3500 will send the call to the fax machine. If you're not at home when a call comes in, as soon as your answering machine starts playing its outgoing message, the same thing happens - fax calls go to the fax machine and voice callers leave a message. So long as you have an answering machine to plug in, this is about as simple as it gets. If an answering machine is not required for voice calls, all calls will be transferred to your fax or modem after 6 rings.
Maximum convenience and protection - Enables you to require security codes for inbound calls which is great for dealing with unwanted junk fax transmissions and for protecting PC file integrity.
Yes, you can use Caller ID - The CS 3500 is completely compatible with Caller ID service from your local telephone company (requires service activation).
Monitoring - ComSwitch 3500 is so smart it stays on the line once you or your answering machine picks up a call, always listening for any tone commands you send from the keypad of a telephone. Now you or your caller can talk for a few minutes, push three keys, and transfer the call to your fax machine to receive a document. All on the same call.

Designed and manufactured by the inventors of the original fax switch,
Command Communications, Inc.

Command Communications, 1114 Emerald, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. Tel: 303-751-7000; Fax: 303-750-6437.