News | June 3, 2021

Citizen Systems Launches Lightning Interface For POS Printers

Torrance, CA /PRNewswire/ - In a growing point-of-sale market, diversifying interface options for POS printers is imperative to keep up with the latest POS technology. Especially for food delivery services and tablet driven retail, that have become a normal functional for businesses and consumers alike. A POS printer with key interface options ensures that hardware and software meet the demands of customers but also streamline the processes at checkout.

Citizen Systems understands that iOS devices are becoming more common in the retail and hospitality sector thanks to their sleek aesthetics and simple usability. With that, they have created a new Lighting interface for their POS printers, specifically designed to be used alongside iPads, iPad Pros, and iPhones.

The Lightning interface is equipped with one Lightning cable port which can be used to charge iOS devices and transfer data at up to a best-in-class 480Mbps. It also has an additional three USB host ports so that you can tailor your POS printer to new or existing retail or hospitality applications. These three USB ports host a range of other essential POS hardware devices such as scanners, cash drawers and payment terminals. You can create your connected POS station exactly as is fitting for your solution with these powerful and flexible connectivity options.

Hard wiring printers to POS stations through a connection like Citizen's Lightning interface allows users to have more stable and faster communications than wireless connections such as Bluetooth or WIFI. When using the Lightning interface there is no need to waste time pairing devices or setting up communication preferences from your selected POS device – just plug straight into the printer.

To take full advantage of these USB host ports, an SDK (software development kit) is available on the Citizen Systems website to help you calibrate your printer to be fully connected to your desired devices.

The new Lighting interface is currently available for the following Citizen POS printers: CT-E651 and CT-S751. Both printers are part of Citizen Systems' new range of solutions featuring contemporary styling, compact footprints, flexible interface options and of course, ultimate reliability.

Glenn Williams, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Citizen Systems America, said: "Citizen is proud to continue providing strong products in the POS marketplace. Adding the Lightning interface to our already large range of great products only reinforces our commitment to making the job easier for the user and integrator alike. The lightning interface with USB Host ports is a great way to provide quality and integration flexibility to our customers and the marketplaces we support."

About Citizen Systems America
"Citizen Systems America" is the America subsidiary of Citizen Systems Japan - the electronic products affiliate of Citizen Watch Co. Ltd., the world-renowned manufacturer of fine watch timepieces. Citizen headquarters is located in the greater Los Angeles, California area.

Citizen develops and markets printers for point-of-sale, industrial solutions, barcode and label, portable and general thermal technology usage applications. Citizen products provide thermal solutions for packaged and OEM printer mechanisms that are used in a variety of industries including: retail, manufacturing, food service, healthcare, banking and many more.

For over four decades, Citizen products have set the standard for performance, reliability and value in the marketplace. For more information, please visit Citizen Systems America's website at:

Source: Citizen Systems America

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