News | January 9, 2020

BlueCart Launches Major Platform Upgrade With BinWise 2.0

MOountain View, CA /PRNewswire/ -- BlueCart, Inc., a pioneer and industry leader in online and mobile procurement and fulfillment for the food industry, today released a major platform upgrade with BinWise 2.0.

BinWise, Inc. is a best-in-class beverage management platform, used by hundreds of bars and restaurants, including many US Michelin-star and Pellegrino's Top 50 in the World restaurants.

"BinWise 2.0 is the biggest update to the platform in over 5 years and delivers a more refined and modernized user-interface based on hundreds of hours of user experience and design research. By working closely with our loyal customers, we were able to identify and improve on key areas of the user interface, resulting in a platform that is easy to learn, use, and master," says Anton Hicks, product manager for BlueCart and BinWise.

In addition to an immediately evident visual upgrade, the platform has also gone through significant improvements under the hood.

"Design is an important part of the user experience. However, it doesn't end there. With BinWise 2.0, we leveraged the world-class engineering talent of BlueCart to make substantial upgrades to the BinWise platform, resulting in major improvements in performance and stability," adds Dave Lee, BlueCart and BinWise CTO.

The combination of BlueCart and BinWise serves over 79,000+ restaurants and wholesale suppliers, who have transacted over $500 million in GMV through the platforms.

"The continued success of BlueCart and BinWise reinforces our vision of providing the currently-fragmented hospitality industry with a single platform for food and beverage management and we look forward to expanding the platform through further partnerships and acquisitions," says Konstantin Zverref, BlueCart and BinWise CEO.

About BlueCart, Inc.
BlueCart is an online and mobile procurement, management, and fulfillment platform for restaurants and wholesale food suppliers. BlueCart is designed to streamline and modernize the ordering process, while driving operational efficiencies and profitability.

About Binwise, Inc.
BinWise is a complete online platform for procurement, management, and fulfillment of wine, beer, and liquor. Binwise is designed by sommeliers to help restaurateurs become more successful by streamlining the operational aspects of beverage management.

Source: BlueCart

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