Batch -Type Vat Washing With Logistical Advantages From Systemate Numafa CWM 1000 With Walking Beam Conveyor


Canton, Ga. - The Systemate Numafa CWM 1000 Container Washer with Walking Beam Conveyor offers Batch-type Vat washing with several logistical advantages including automatic loading and unloading. Other benefits are automatic indexing, advancing and positioning of vats and bins that need to be cleaned.

The walking beam conveyor is an automatic, multi-position accumulation-type conveyor that does not allow gaps within the loading section of the washer.

"In other systems, when a loading position is missed, the end result is a missed vat within the machine and at the discharge end. The walking beam conveyor eliminates this problem," Hazenbroek said. Because the walking beam conveyor eliminates missed vats, the valuable resources of heat and water are not wasted on empty spaces in the conveying line.

An additional feature of the CWM 1000 is the use of a rotating "W"-shaped spray wand. The wand rotates 360ยบ inside and outside of the containers, cleaning all four sides and the bottom with superior results.

Systemate Numafa has manufactured and developed cleaning systems since 1977. The company provides high-capacity, fully automated cleaning systems as well as stand-alone systems. Systemate Numafa's product line also includes cleaning vats, containers, racks, smoke trees, smoke sticks, smoke screens, wooden and plastic pallets, totes, lugs and baskets.

Systemate Numafa NA, a division of Dapec, Inc., is the U.S. sales and service operation for Systemate Numafa B.V. of Holland. For further information, call (800) 240-3770 or e mail Visit Systemate Numafa on the Internet at