AutoBroil™ Conveyorized Broilers

Source: Marshall Air Systems, Inc.

Marshall's conveyorized broilers set the standards for automated cooking in the industry today. All Marshall broilers are designed for maximum energy and labor efficiency. Constructed of rugged stainless steel, they are built to withstand the highest temperatures and demands of commercial use. User-friendly controls with international symbols direct Marshall's own temperature control system, which permits easy adjustment for varying loads. Temperatures and cook times can be set for meat, chicken, seafood and specialty items. Visit then call or email us today for details on our many available models!
MODEL 2424(G) & 121224(G) is Available in Electric & Gas. Designed for intense use & high hamburger or meat filet production. 2424(G) has two 24" belts, one for broiling and one for contact toasting. 121224(g) has dual 12" broiling belts, which allow for different cook times and menu flexibility and a 24" belt for contact toasting. Twin adjustable toaster platens easily accepts heels & crowns. 1000° plus metal-faced infrared burners broil the meat quickly, sealing in juices for better taste. Digital microprocessor controls for toaster temperature and energy load monitoring. Independent toaster section allows for easy temperature adjustment. MODEL FR15BS & FR1515S is ideal for high production hamburger, shrimp, chicken or fish filet broiling for small, high demand locations. Requires only 3 square feet of countertop. MODEL F12(G)Available in Electric & Gas is designed to broil fish & chicken in 2 to 6 minutes. Compact to fit any counter top under existing ventilation systems. Cooking tunnel self cleans. Residual spillage can be vacuumed away. MODEL 412GT is designed for high hamburger, shrimp, chicken or fish filet production while toasting buns or sandwich bread in unit below. High temperature infrared heat and direct on-conveyor broiling for speed, flavor enhancement and bar marks. Dual belts in broiler and radiant toaster sections with independent speed controls.