News | June 18, 2020

Allpax Introduces A One-Stop-Shop For Cooking And Vacuum Cooling Fresh Foods

This solution includes stainless-steel pressure cookers with FDA compliant process controls and a vacuum cooling skid.

Allpax, a product brand of ProMach, offers a complete fresh-product cooking and vacuum cooling solution for items such as chickpeas and potatoes – ingredients in retail and food service refrigerated dips and salads, including hummus, potato salad, and mashed potatoes.

Allpax fresh-product cookers feature stainless-steel construction. Doors located on the load and unload sides prevent cross contamination between the processed and unprocessed areas of the production line. The use of swing-up orbital doors rather than traditional swing-out doors significantly reduces the unit’s footprint, conserving valuable floorspace.

The vessels are insulated and then wrapped with a stainless-steel cladding that saves energy and reduces the amount of heat radiated into the loading and unloading areas. Cladding also provides a clean, appealing appearance. Allpax fresh-product units supply even temperature throughout the vessel for consistent product quality and a shorter pressure-cooking process. The Allpax vacuum system ensures rapid cooling for enhanced product quality and minimum energy costs. Cookers are offered in various diameters with vessel lengths geared to optimal use of available space.

The Allpax control system, which is compliant with FDA Food Safety Modernization Act guidelines, provides for precise, repeatable processing and complete batch process documentation. The vacuum-cooling skid, also featuring automated controls, can be designed to service one or more cookers, saving floor space and lowering capital investment. Recipes are easily changed or added through the system’s touchscreen interface. Increasing the number of vessels and vacuum skids as the business grows will be seamless as personnel will already be familiar with the hardware and control system.

Allpax offers custom designed trays, racks, and carts, and can also provide equipment for automating the retort loading, unloading, and other handling processes. Automation lowers labor costs and improves worker safety. Allpax provides onsite and remote support services to keep fresh-product cooking/cooling operations at maximum throughput.

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Source: Allpax Products, LLC.