Freeware | July 19, 2000

Liquid Assets 2000: America's Water Resources at a Turning Point

Source: Freeware
In a publication released June 1, 2000, on the economic impact of clean water entitled, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency presents its rationale for its Clean Water Act. The report cites, among other statistics that: Water used for irrigating crops and raising livestock helps American farmers produce and sell $197 billion worth of food and fiber each year; Manufacturers use more than nine trillion gallons of fresh water every year; States have identified almost 300,000 miles of rivers and streams and more than five million acres of lakes that do not meet state water quality goals and In l998, about one-third of the 1,062 beaches reporting to EPA had at least one health advisory or closing; over 2,500 fish consumption advisories or bans were issued by states in areas where fish were too contaminated to eat. Many food industry groups have voiced strong opposition to EPA's rules on agriculture, industry and business fronts. Agree or not,it's important to know what this body of government body is telling the American public about its bodies of water.