News | September 7, 2023

Bettermile Revolutionizes US Parcel Delivery With AI-Powered Logistics Software-As-A-Service Platform


Bettermile, a global, AI-powered parcel delivery logistics platform currently available in 13 countries, has expanded its North American availability to include the United States, aiming to transform the crucial last mile of delivery for the country's parcel and courier service providers. The company's advanced cloud-based software as a service offers on demand real-time tracking, dynamic route optimization, and enhanced communication to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction in the fast-paced delivery landscape.

In an era dominated by ambiguous “next-day” shipping and e-commerce-forward purchasing, the still heavily-analog parcel delivery industry grapples with unparalleled challenges. Customers demand nothing less than swift and pinpoint deliveries that mirror their digital checkout process but are often left with idle time waiting for a delivery or a lack of reducing arrival windows for their delivery. Meeting these expectations while preserving operational efficiency has evolved into a formidable feat for all delivery companies and fulfillment departments. Armed with groundbreaking solutions designed to revolutionize the last-mile delivery, Bettermile empowers parcel and courier companies with essential tools to excel in this ever-evolving terrain.

Enhanced address data processing ensures pinpoint accuracy and minimizes delivery errors, while real-time route optimization reduces delivery times and fuel consumption. Tailored solutions for specialized shipping in regulated industries, such as pharmaceuticals, wine retail and banking, guarantee secure and punctual deliveries that align with industry regulations.

With Bettermile's real-time tracking and live ETA updates, transparency and communication are elevated to new heights, reducing uncertainty for customers and enhancing overall satisfaction. Moreover, dynamic delivery windows optimize the customer experience, while seamless integration with existing Transport Management Systems (TMS) provides valuable insights into efficiency. Bettermile's commitment to operational efficiency, location intelligence, and future-proofing delivery operations paves the way for unparalleled success in the highly competitive parcel delivery landscape.

Bettermile's technology addresses critical challenges in the delivery industry, including:

  • Operational Fleet Efficiency: New drivers can ramp up within days versus weeks or months, and experienced drivers see a 5-10% productivity increase. Handover times are reduced significantly due to consignees preparing for parcel arrivals and delivery success rates increase drastically.
  • Location Intelligence: Drivers receive guidance for legal and efficient routes and stops.
  • Future-Proofing Operations: Bettermile enables digital transformation without overhauling protocols.
  • Transparency: Consignees expect the same level of service as ride-sharing and food delivery, and Bettermile helps companies meet these expectations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: 25% less Customer Support Requests due to increased Transparency in Real Time Tracking and significant Increases in Customer Ratings

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic Route Optimization: Bettermile's real-time route optimization reduces delivery times and can reduce fuel usage, surpassing competitors who can only utilize static routing.
  • Tailored Specialized Shipping: Unlike others, Bettermile customizes solutions for regulated sectors like pharmaceuticals, ensuring secure and compliant deliveries.
  • Real-Time Tracking and Live Updates: Bettermile's live tracking and ETA updates enhance transparency, setting it apart from solutions with limited tracking capabilities.
  • Seamless TMS Integration: Bettermile integrates seamlessly with existing TMS, offering insights into efficiency that some competitors lack.
  • Enhanced Address Data Processing: Bettermile's precise address data optimization minimizes errors, addressing a critical pain point for delivery services.

According to Bettermile’s founder and managing director Simon Seeger, "Bettermile was founded with a vision to revolutionize the last mile of parcel and courier deliveries. We understand the challenges faced by the parcel delivery industry in meeting the growing demands for speed and accuracy. Our platform is designed to empower these companies to not only meet but exceed customer expectations while enhancing operational efficiency."

Bettermile's introduction to the US market represents a significant milestone in the evolution of last-mile delivery. With a comprehensive set of tools, the company is well-positioned to bring about substantial improvements in last-mile logistics, customer satisfaction, and the overall efficiency of parcel delivery operations. This shift underscores Bettermile's commitment to advancing technology in the industry, signifying a meaningful step toward a more streamlined and customer-centric future for parcel delivery.

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About Bettermile:

Bettermile is an AI-powered logistics technology platform dedicated to optimizing the last mile of delivery for parcel and courier service providers. With real-time tracking, dynamic route optimization, and enhanced communication, Bettermile empowers companies to enhance productivity and exceed customer expectations in the dynamic delivery landscape.

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