Gallon - Tulip Poplar Bark Syrup

Source: Hickoryworks Inc.

Gallon - Tulip Poplar Bark Syrup
  • World's ONLY Producer
  • Avalible in limited quantities
  • Wonderful Ice Cream Topping
  • Will not dominate a Marinade
  • Great on Fresh Fruits
  • Unique Condiment
  • (Liriodendron tulipifera L.)The Tulip tree, a Member of the Magnolia family. We discovered a British Web site claiming that the Root of the Tulip Poplar Tree has been used as a flavoring for SPRUCE Beer. As a TEA it is used as a treatment for INDIGESTION...And NOW SYRUP Although NOT endorsing any of the aforementioned claims, and After the success We have had with Our SHAGBARK HICKORY SYRUP, We did experiment with the FLAVORING Qualities.

    Hickoryworks Inc., 3615 Peoga Road, Trafalgar, IN 46181-9649. Tel: 317-878-5648; Fax: .

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